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Sell your unused currency back to us and save up to to 10-15% against the airports and banks. Pop into our London branch or send your leftover currency to us via Royal Mail Special Delivery

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we will apply the best BUY BACK rate on the day we receive your currency

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How does it work?


Select the currency

Place a buy back order online

Place your buy back order online and you will be provided with an indicative buy back rate.
A form will be generated for you to print off.
Sign and enclose the form with your currency.


Confirm your exchange rate

Send your currency to us via Royal mail special delivery

Please make sure the item has been insured to the correct value in the event of loss or theft and keep hold of the tracking ID.
Send to the following address: TCC, PO BOX 66831, London, W27TB



Payment to your bank account

Once we have received your item in the cash center the buyback rate at the time will be applied and we shall make payment to the bank account details you have provided.
You can expect an email notification once the amount has been paid.



Please note:

We do not accept coins.
We cannot buy back out dated notes.
If you send us €500 note a 3% fee will apply.
We can only pay into your personal account.
Any request to return currency will be at the expense of the customer.

Dealing with
leftover currency

You did it! You got a very competitive exchange rate by buying your travel money online and you had the most fantastic holiday abroad but now what do you do with your leftover travel cash?

According to some studies, Brits have an average of £110 worth of foreign currency in their homes which have been stuck in a jar or left in a "holiday money purse" for next time. The reason for this hoarding culture of leftover currency is primarily because travellers don't know where they can easily change the travel cash back to pounds and at a good buy back rate.

Buy back orders are placed directly via the website or can be completed in branch during opening hours. For online buy back orders, the leftover currency details are completed online. The physical currency then has to be sent to our cash centre PO box address via Royal Mail special delivery. Once then item is received in our cash centre the order is processed and the pound sterling equivalent is instructed same day via BACS directly to your personal bank account
Yes it is, please send us your currency following the instructions carefully during the order process and use Royal Mail Special Delivery, insuring the packages up to the value of its contents. We use this same service to send thousands of packages of currency around the UK every week. Make sure to hold on to the tracking details.
Unfortunately, we do not accept currency coins or notes which are out of circulation. Please visit the website of central bank of the country involved in issuing that specific currency for further details.
The exchange rate when you place your buy back order is indicative only. The applied exchange rate allocated to your order will be at the time the buy back order is processed. This can be at any time during the day your order is received at the cash centre. This excludes weekends. For an indicative exchange rate, please visit the buyback converter on our website.
No, they are different however all our rates move with the market. Be sure to check both Branch rates and Online buy back rates to find which service suits you best
The commission charge differs from one currency exchange bureau to another. However, with Sterling FX, you do not have to bear any commission charge while availing buy back currency service.
After you have given the leftover currency in the cash centre, payments will be made within 2 to 3 working days.
At Sterling FX, coins are not accepted. Also, outdated notes are not accepted.

So, what is the buy back process of leftover travel currency? Foreign exchange specialists that offer a travel money buy back service agree to buy back unused foreign currency and switch the funds back into pounds sterling post holiday.

You will be offered an exchange rate, just like when you bought your travel money to begin with and this means you could end up with less or more as a result of exchange rate movements. Savvy travellers should always shop around for the best deal when it comes to buying and selling your foreign currency. Sterling FX specialises in foreign exchange online and so even when it comes to buy back rates, we will offer you the great deal. We will even buy leftover currency that you have bought from another supplier!

Sterling FX's buy back process is super efficient and easy. Simply place your buy back order online via our website. Confirm which travel currency you wish to send back, how much and the currency denominations. You will then receive a buy back order confirmation including an indicative buy back rate. Upon receipt of your currency, we then apply a competitive buy back rate and transfer the pounds equivalent to your personal bank account. You can now put that leftover currency to good use! All thanks to the friendly service available from the best currency exchange in London.

One thing to note is that foreign exchange coins are rarely bought back so remember before leaving your destination to use as many coins as possible or exchange them for a notes! If you still have some coins left best to donate them to charity.

Hopefully, you now don't have to worry about hoarding leftover travel currency ever again!!
Currencies Sterling FX rates Bank rates You could save (for £1000)

*We capture the exchange rates being offered by airports and high street providers once a month and calculate what spread they are taking off the live interbank rate. We then compare that to what rates we are offering to calculate the savings you can make if you use us.

Furthermore, in many cases the banks will not provide you with a good foreign exchange rate either, so in which case you may get stung twice. That's why it makes sense to get your Travel Money from The Sterling FX - your preferred currency exchange in London.

Currency buy back refers to the process of exchanging the foreign currency back into one's home currency. This happens when you have leftover foreign currency after returning from a trip abroad. So, when you go to sell the leftover travel money, it is very important to know about the best high street currency buy back rates, compare them and get the best deal.

Where To Buy Back Travel money?

You can buy back currency from exchange bureaus like Sterling FX in London. We are one of the leading currency exchange firms in the UK with an experience of more than three decades. Over this period, we have made a name for being the company offering the best exchange rate in the market.

How does it work?

The buyback currency service works in the ways mentioned below -

Firstly, place an order for the buy back currency online and get an indicative buy back rate. You will then get a form, take a printout, sign it, and enclose it with the currency inside the form.

You can choose Royal Mail special delivery to send the leftover currency to Sterling FX. You need to check whether the item is insured and the exact value of it in the event of theft or loss. Make sure to get the tracking ID. The address where you will send this is - TCC, PO BOX 66831, London, W27TB.

Buy back rate will be applied once the bureau has received your cash. Then, the bureau will initiate the payment to your mentioned bank details. For instance, if you want to buy back euros, give the foreign currency to the currency exchange centre, a euro buy back rate will be applied. Within a few days, you will get the foreign currency converted into euros. We have one of the best euro exchange rates on the high street so we can give you the best prices possible.

You can follow the same process for changing euros back to pounds. Just be aware of the buy back rates in the market. It will help you best currency buy back rate.

How much foreign currency do people return from abroad?

There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency that people return from abroad. But, if you are bringing it in cash, then you need to declare the same with the respective authorities.

Get buy back service from Sterling FX - the favoured currency exchange in London. You can easily sell your unused foreign currency back to us and save around 10 to 15% more than airports and banks. Be sure to get the best buy back currency rate.

Even if you have bought the currency from another supplier, this currency exchange bureau will take it. The entire buy back process of Sterling FX is very simple and efficient. Get prompt service from Sterling FX if you want to buy back dollars, pounds or euros.

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