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      Sending money internationally has been a matter of concern and is full of misconceptions. People often struggle with the process and remain fearful of the fact whether their money reaches its destination or not. However, with the advent of modern technology and online platforms, international money transfer has become easier than ever.

      So, through this write-up, let's get an overview of the process for a better understanding and hassle-free money transfer across the world.

      How to Send Money to Turkey from the UK?


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      Sign up or log in

      The process begins with signing up or logging in to the SterlingFX portal. If you're a new user, sign up, and if you're an existing user, log in with your credentials.


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      Enter recipient details

      Next, you must enter the recipient details properly, including the names, account numbers, and necessary bank information.


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      Choose the amount
      and currency

      To proceed, input your amount and choice of currency. We will convert the amount, and you can ' proceed.


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      Select payment method

      Now you can confirm the payment method. You can choose among debit/credit, bank transfer, demand draft, etc.


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      Review and confirm

      Double-check all the details, including exchange rates and fees. Confirm the transfer to initiate the process.


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      Track your transfer

      After confirmation, you can track the status of your transfer through your SterlingFx account.

      Want to Send Money to Turkey from the UK? Know All the Details

      Sending money to Turkey from the UK can be a straightforward process if you know the right steps and choose the best services. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to ensure your money transfers are secure, efficient, and cost-effective. Also, here you will get comparative guidance on the different methods to send money to Turkey from UK.

      So, learn about the best methods from this page of Sterling FX.

      Best Methods to Send Money to Turkey from the UK

      Bank Transfer

      Bank transfer is the oldest and the most reliable method to send money to Turkey from UK. It's the most expensive way to send your money to Turkey. Also, it takes a long time to transfer your money. However, due to the highly secure services, people prefer bank transfers. But if you want a quick transfer, then you have to pay an additional cost to your UK bank.

      Online Money Transfer Service

      These services are the easiest method to send money to Turkey from UK. They include competitive exchange rates and transparent fees. The recipient will get the money in their corresponding bank account. This is the best way to send money to Turkey.

      Cash Pick-Up Service

      Some service providers allow the recipient of Turkey to collect cash after the sender has initiated the online transfer. In this case, the recipients can collect the cash from the designated locations in Turkey. But this method is expensive and doesn't come with a competitive rate.

      Digital Wallet

      A digital wallet is perfect for sending a small amount of money. They transfer your money instantly. This is the cheapest way to send money to Turkey.

      Bank Transfers vs. Online Money Transfer Services

      Services Intermediary bank fees Transaction limit Instant money transfer
      Bank transfer Yes
      Ranges between £10 and £30
      Suitable for large transaction No
      Online money transfer services Yes
      Ranges between £0 and £20
      Suitable for both the large and small transactions Yes
      Cash pick up services Yes Suitable for large transactions Yes
      Digital wallets Yes
      Lower than the other services
      Suitable for small transactions. It also allows larger transactions Yes

      How to Choose the Right Money Transfer Service?

      It would help if you considered these factors to send money to Turkey from the UK -

      Exchange Rate

      The GBP/TRY exchange rate fluctuates based on the changes in the supply and the demand. So, before choosing a service provider, you should check the current exchange rates from different service providers and compare them. Then choose the service which is suitable for you.

      Transfer Speed

      Generally online money transfer services are faster than bank services to send money to Turkey from the UK. Usually, they transfer the money instantly. Otherwise, it will take 1-2 business days. But the banks take 3-5 working days to send your money to the recipient.

      Transfer Fees

      The transfer fees vary depending upon your international money transfer service provider. Some service providers offer free transfers or zero transfers for new users. The transfer fees range between £0 and £10. The transfer fees for the bank services vary between £10 and £30.


      You should choose a service provider who is registered under FCA and operated by them too. FCA offers the highest level of security to money transfer UK to Turkey. But in some cases, the money transfer service providers are regulated by PRA or FSCS.

      Understanding Transfer Fees and Exchange Rates

      All the banks and most of the international money transfer services charge fees for money transfers UK to Turkey. These are known as transfer fees. Generally, the UK banks charge between £20 and £40 for the transfer.

      The exchange rate refers to the price of one currency in terms of another currency. So, the exchange rate to send money to Turkey from UK indicates the price of GBP in terms of the TRY. The exchange rate is also called the 'mid-market' rate. Generally, UK money transfer services provide competitive exchange rates. But the banks don't provide competitive rates.

      How to Avoid Hidden Fees?

      Learn these tips to avoid the hidden fees during money transfers UK to Turkey-

      Check if there is any hidden markup on the interbank rates. Then, compare the markups charged by the banks and the money transfer service providers to avoid paying extra.

      But the best option is to take a service from a provider who has a strong relationship with your recipient's bank in Turkey. This will eliminate all the hidden charges or unexpected fees.

      Tips for a Secure Money Transfer

      Ensure your service provider is authorised by FCA, PRA or FSCS.

      Enter the recipient's details carefully to send money to Turkey from the UK. Otherwise, you will end up sending the money to the wrong person. Thus, you need to be extra careful about this.

      Use anti-virus software on your device to eliminate the entrance of viruses and malware and protect the device from scams or phishing attacks. By ensuring this protection, you will also experience a secure and hassle-free money transfer.

      Ensure that you've not been contacted by any cybercriminal. So, analyse the identity of every stranger you've contacted through email, calls, or texts regarding your money transfer and ensure they are genuine.

      Tracking Your Money Transfer

      In the case of transferring money through an online money transfer service, you can track the status through the tracking ID. But in case you are transferring the money through the bank services, you can contact their customer services and request them to check your money transfer UK to Turkey status. After checking it, they will inform you of the current status.

      How Long Does It Take To Send Money To Turkey from UK?

      Online money transfer UK to Turkey is faster than bank transfer. So, the online services take 1-3 business days to send your money to Turkey, while the bank transfer takes 2-5 business days. Due to the clearance and processing times, bank transfer takes longer. But, if you use your credit or debit card to transfer money, it will be transferred faster than the traditional bank transfer.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      There are four convenient ways to send money from the UK to Turkey - bank transfer, online money transfer services, digital wallets, and cash pickup services.
      The best way to make a complaint is to reach them through their email ID. Get the details here.

      Entering wrong information about the recipient.

      Not using a strong password.

      Not availing of the services from a trustworthy service provider.

      Yes, you can cancel a money transfer, but you have to contact the money transfer service provider immediately for the cancellation. In that case, they may ask you for additional charges. But if your transfer has been processed or sent already, you can't cancel it.
      You need to include the recipient's details (full name, account number, or IBAN, and their SWIFT number or the BIC number), the recipient's tax identification number, and your documents (passport, address proof, etc.).

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