Convert GBP to EUR to get the best Euro rate on the High Street Today

The Euro is the second most-used currency worldwide. Almost 20 countries out of 27 EU member countries use this currency. Therefore, it is evident that buying euros won't be much of a hassle, especially if you are from the UK. It is the same for converting GBP to EUR. However, what makes the difference is the conversion rates! A little difference in these rates makes a huge difference, specifically for larger sums. Thus, it is important to know how to bag the best euro rate on the high street so that you get complete value for money!

How to Convert GBP to EUR Easily?

If you want to know the best euro rate on the high street, first you need to know the day's conversion rate and then compare it online for better deals. However, it is impossible to check the rates on every online provider and do the calculation mechanically. You can also buy Euro's online if you are not in the London area from the

Besides showing the converted amount, it also allows you to compare the latest exchange rates so that you can make an informed decision. This calculator works on a simple interface and, therefore, is easy to use. You only have to follow the steps below:

1. Choose the currency you want to convert and enter the amount on the left side.

2. On the right side, select the target currency and put the amount.

Besides showing the total converted amount in the target currency, you will also see the applicable exchange rates and other charges (if any). It also lists down other exchange rates for the day on various other popular platforms, including the post office rates.

What Countries Accept Euros

Now that you are aware of what is the best euro rate on the high street, let's take a look at the countries that accept euros. Here's the list:





















Clearly, if you travel to any of these countries, it is better to convert the GBP to EUR for convenience when you land there.

How Far Your Euros Go?

A lot of travellers want to know how much euros they should carry when travelling to any of the countries that accept the currency. While it is a highly subjective matter, here are some estimations that may help you out!

Budget Travellers

The estimate is for people who will be living in a hostel, cooking at home sometimes, eating in local restaurants and going to free tourist attractions. The average travel cost would be around 80 euros/day.

Mid-level Travellers

For people who want to spend a little more than the budget travellers, this estimation is for them. They may sometimes stay at nicer hotels, eat at one or two fancy eateries or spend on a few guided day tours. With that plan, they need to spend around 140 euros/day.

Luxury Travellers

People who are travelling to splurge, staying at the best properties, eating at the fanciest restaurants, and dialling up for every experience and tourist attraction fall under this category. For a luxury trip, one needs to spend around 380 euros or more per day as there is no limit if one wants to splurge in expensive cities of Europe!

Note that how much one spends is totally one's own decision. Depending on the needs, budget, season, country, etc., the cost of travelling varies. Hence, it is better to chalk out a detailed itinerary and a budget before beginning your journey. It will save you from impulsive and unnecessary expenses.

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Sterling FX is the best place to buy Euro on the High Street in the UK.

There is no such restriction for carrying euros in non-cash. However, in case of cash, you have to give a declaration for the amount of 10,000 euros or above.

It should be enough for countries in Eastern European Countries. However, for Nordic countries and Western Europe, the budget needs to be higher than 100 euros per day.

For the best GBP to EUR rate today, you need to check the live exchange rate as it is a dynamic process, and the price falls and rises depending on different market parameters.

The best way to ascertain lower exchange rates is to compare different providers online. However, you must not overlook their credibility and transparency in search of cheap options.

You can exchange from GBP to EUR after landing in the destination country. However, it does not assure you the best exchange rate.

Although there are no such days that guarantee you the best rates in euros, several reports suggest that Fridays and Saturdays are best for buying euros in the UK.

Besides banks and post offices, Sterling FX is the reputed currency conversion provider in the UK whom you can trust.

Countries like Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Romania and a few more do not accept euros.

Statistically, the GBP is stronger than the EUROS today. However, the money market is volatile, and it is subject to change.

Currently, London uses Sterling Pounds (GBP).

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