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      Sending money internationally has been a matter of concern and is full of misconceptions. People often struggle with the process and remain fearful of the fact whether their money reaches its destination or not. However, with the advent of modern technology and online platforms, international money transfer has become easier than ever.

      So, through this write-up, let's get an overview of the process for a better understanding and hassle-free money transfer across the world.

      How to Send Money to France from the UK?


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      Sign up or log in

      The process begins with signing up or logging in to the SterlingFX portal. If you're a new user, sign up, and if you're an existing user, log in with your credentials.


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      Enter recipient details

      Next, you must enter the recipient details properly, including the names, account numbers, and necessary bank information.


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      Choose the amount
      and currency

      To proceed, input your amount and choice of currency. We will convert the amount, and you can ' proceed.


      Transfer complete

      Select payment method

      Now you can confirm the payment method. You can choose among debit/credit, bank transfer, demand draft, etc.


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      Review and confirm

      Double-check all the details, including exchange rates and fees. Confirm the transfer to initiate the process.


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      Track your transfer

      After confirmation, you can track the status of your transfer through your SterlingFx account.

      Your Guide to Send Money to France from the UK Safely

      Sending money to France from the UK can be a straight forward and cost-effective process if you choose the right service and follow the necessary steps. This guide will provide you with all the essential information to ensure your money transfers are secure, efficient, and affordable. Here you will learn about the best methods to send money to France from UK.

      So, from this page of Sterling FX, you will get a comparative view of the methods. It will help you to decide the suitable methods for you.

      Best Methods to Send Money to France from the UK

      Bank Transfer

      Over the years, bank transfer has become the safe way to send money to France. However, bank transfer services are expensive, and usually, they don't have a lucrative exchange rate. Also, the transfer takes a long time.

      Currency Brokers

      The currency brokers' services are the best way to send money to France. They specialise in currency exchange-related operations like international money transfers, overseas purchases, etc. They provide competitive exchange rates and have lower charges than the banks.

      Online Money Transfer Services

      They specialise in online money transfers. By choosing these services, you will gain competitive rates. They also offer competitive exchange rates. They have low transfer fees, too. So, this is one of the good options to send money to France from UK.

      Digital Wallets

      The cheapest way to send money to France is through the digital wallet platforms. By using these platforms, you will gain a hassle-free experience of international money transfer France. Just you need to link your UK bank account/ debit card to the platform. Then, you can send the money from your smartphone through this platform. The recipient will get the money directly in their digital wallet account.

      Bank Transfers vs. Online Money Transfer Services

      Services Real time transaction Maximum transfer limit Exchange rate markup
      Bank transfer No Yes. The highest maximum limit for the money transfer Yes
      Currency broker Yes No No
      Online money transfer services Yes
      But sometimes it may takes 1-2 days to transfer the money
      But they don't allow the large amount of money like the banks
      But low markup
      Digital wallets Yes No No

      How to Choose the Right Money Transfer Service?

      To send money to France from the UK you must have a clear understanding of these factors -

      Exchange Rate

      The GBP/EUR exchange rates are dynamic. They depend upon the supply and demand in the market. So, before choosing a money transfer service, checking the current exchange rate is mandatory. Most of the currency brokers and online money transfer services offer a competitive rate. But the banks don't. So, you need to research and compare the exchange rates of different service providers before choosing one.

      Transfer Fees

      The banks and the money transfer services charge a flat fee, percentage, or a combination of both to send money to France from the UK. The bank transfer charges a flat fee between £10 and £30 per transaction. The online money transfer services take percentage-oriented fees ranging between 0.5% and 3%.

      Transfer Speed

      The transfer speed depends upon the service you have chosen. The money transfer services complete the process within 1 business day, but the bank transfer takes 1 to 2 business days to complete the money transfer UK to France. Also, remember that if your transaction process is initiated on the weekend or a public holiday, it will take longer to transfer the money.


      You must choose the services, which are authorised by the FCA. The FCA provides the highest level of security to send money to France from UK. They protect the users from potential financial crimes like money laundering, fraudulent transactions, etc.

      Understanding Transfer Fees and Exchange Rates

      The banks and the international money transfer service providers charge a fee to transfer the money overseas. That is known as the transfer fee. This fee varies depending on the service provider you've chosen. It includes the processing cost to send money to France from UK.

      The exchange rate indicates the value on which one currency is converted to another. However, the exchange rate is dynamic. So, you have to track the day-to-day changes. It will help you find the best money transfer service provider that offers a good rate.

      How to Avoid Hidden Fees?

      First, you need to check if there is any hidden markup on the interbank rates. After checking these rates, you can choose a platform with a low markup.

      Moreover, you can choose a service provider with a strong relationship with your recipient's bank in France. It will help you to avoid the hidden charges.

      Tips for a Secure Money Transfer

      Choose a FCA-authorised service provider. Side by side, it's necessary to check their customers' satisfaction and security track records. Also, check the customer reviews from reputable platforms like Trustpilot.

      Cross-check your recipient's details like name, bank account number, etc. before the money transfer UK to France. By cross-checking the details, you can ensure that your money will be transferred to the right person.

      Always use the websites and apps that have enabled proper encryption. You can determine whether the sites you're using for the money transfer are by checking their URLs. If the URL is beginning with the 'https://' and there is a default status in their browser address bar, that means they are safe to use. These protect your financial data, communications, and transactions as well.

      Use a strong password for your online bank account and the money transfer platform's account. Additionally, enable two-factor authentication wherever possible.

      Monitor your bank account and money transfer service accounts regularly. It helps you understand if any suspicious activity is taking place in your account. Also, you can set security alerts to notify you of unexpected transactions. If you find any unauthorised transactions, inform your service provider immediately.

      Tracking Your Money Transfer

      For the Bank Transfers

      If you have sent your money to France through bank transfer, you have to contact their customer support assistance or physically visit the branch to track your transfer. Then you have to provide them with your transaction details and ask them to track the money transfer UK to France. After tracking it, they will inform you about the status.

      Some banks also allow customers to track their wire transfers using the reference number or the SWIFT code.

      For the Online Transfers

      If you have sent your money through an online money transfer service, in that case, you can track the status directly from their website through your racking ID.

      How Long Does it Take to Send Money to France from the UK?

      If you choose the traditional bank transfers, it will take 1-2 business days to send money to France from UK. But if you opt for the digital wallets, it will transfer your money within a few minutes. Also, remember that the transfer time is influenced by the payment methods, specific service providers, additional operations, etc.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      The best ways to send money from the UK to France - are bank transfers, online money transfer services, digital wallets, and currency brokers.
      To get the fastest solution, you need to file your issue through their email ID. You can also contact them through their phone number. You will get details from here.

      Not using a reputable platform for money transfer

      Not using strong passwords for the bank accounts and the money transfer service accounts

      First, you have to provide the right details about yourself (sender). Then, provide your recipient's details, such as their name, account number, contact details, etc., to send the money to France.
      Digital wallets and online money transfers offer the fastest services to send money to France from UK. But if you have an emergency, you can choose the express delivery option. To avail of this service, you need to provide an additional fee to the service provider.

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