Get the Most from Your Currency Exchange in London

When you travel abroad, you need to exchange your currency to avoid the hassles of online and offline transactions. Besides arranging the passport, visa, flight tickets, and other accommodation, you must have the currency of the country where you're visiting. Undoubtedly, London is a expensive city to visit. You should make a plan to visit the city without breaking the bank and here are some tips on how to do this.

After your currency exchange in London, you can visit the cities attractions, find restaurants at reasonable prices, enjoy your day in multiplexes, and more. But before doing this, you must know about the most reliable currency exchange bureau in London. If you are coming from the euro zone then we have one of the best euro rates on the high street available at our branch also.

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Free Attractions of London

After the currency exchange, you can visit these places or take walking tours in London. They have no entry fee:

British Museum

The British Museum has an extensive collection depicting the history of human civilization. It achieves the artefacts from Scotland to the South Pacific region. The museum has a stunning glass ceiling and a gorgeous central courtyard. The most attractive objects in the museum are the mummies and the Rosetta Stone. They are kept in the Egyptian Collection section. Also, there are the Roman and Greek Collections. The Parthenon Sculptures of Athens and the Portland vase are the highlights of this section.

Tate Modern

Tate Modern is the national museum of modern and contemporary art of the United Kingdom. The museum archives masterpiece artworks across the world. It includes illustrations from eminent artists such as Picasso, Pollock, Matisse, Dall, Warhol, and more. The museum is divided into three sections - the central Turbine Hall, the Blavatnik Building, and the Boiler House. The Turbine Hall is the major attraction of the museum. It houses some large-scale projects like the Sea of Porcelain Sunflower Seeds of Ai Weiwei and the Giant Slides of Carsten Holler.

Free Harry Potter Tour

With this tour, people have a great experience with the most successful movie series in British history - Harry Potter. People can visit the favourite places of J.K. Rowling in London - Trafalgar Square, Cecil's Court, Hardy Sweet Shop, St. Paul's Cathedral, Palace Theatre, and more. The duration of this tour is 2 to 2.5 hours.

Free Food Tour

This tour includes discovering the traditional, delicious, and innovative foods of London. Also, the visitors can learn the history of neighbouring regions and several communities of London with this food tour. People will get the meeting point details after the booking confirmation.

Budget-friendly dine-in

Grab the best food deals from these restaurants in London:

Borough Market

It's one of the largest markets in London. One can find plenty of food stalls in this market. Here, one can buy a grilled cheese sandwich and Indian dosa without any bargain.


KERB is a famous street food organiser in London. Now they have outlets in 5 locations in London - Gherkin, Spitalfields, India West Quay, Paddington, and King's Cross. People will find 6 options in each outlet which offer vegan tacos, Filipino BBQ, etc.

Brixton Market

One can get tasty pizzas, Japanese pancakes, and affordable lunch deals. Franco Manca offers the Margarita Pizza and the best London pizzas. The Oban offers affordable meals and Japanese pancakes. Moreover, there are other stores that sell foods at lower prices.

Best deals in restaurants

Some of the top-rated restaurants in London offer 20% to 50% discounts on food. For example, Mriya Neo Bistro and L'Ulivo-Leicester Square offer 50% discounts. Jerk Yard and Sporting Club De Londres offer a 20% discount.

Budget riding option across the city

You will get several options to travel the city within budget:

Oyster cards

The Oyster Card is a visitor smart card that helps a visitor to pay for public transport like the Tube, Elizabeth Line, DLR, London Overground, River Bus, and the National Rail services. It offers daily capping, which provides the opportunity for unlimited travel at a limited price. Moreover, this card can be used to save money in shops, restaurants, entertainment events, and galleries.

Off-Peak travel

People can buy Off-Peak train tickets at the cheapest price to travel to London. The trains for London Off-Peak times vary between 6:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on Monday to Friday. Again, the rain will be scheduled from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. onwards. The Intercity Off-Peak time has the same range from Monday to Friday.


Travellers can visit Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, St. James Palace, and Parliament through a self-guided tour. There are other significant places to visit through a self-walking program, such as - River Thames Valley, Camden Town, Piccadilly, and other places.


Biking and cycling is a good process to save money for transport in London. Visitors can rent e-scooters from operators like Dott, TIER, and Lime in London to ride the City of London, Westminster, Kensington, and Chelsea.

Discounts on entertainment tickets

You can book a discounted ticket from the following places or platforms -

TKTS in Leicester Square

TKTS booth offers discounted and half-priced theatre tickets on the show day. Even one can buy cheap theatre tickets at the last minute of starting a show. From here you can book a ticket advance from a week ago.

Visit London app

This app offers cheap tickets for the West End theatre shows. It's a mobile app which is accessible from smartphones and tablets.

Shakespeare's Globe

It sells around 700 standing tickets for each stage show. Every ticket costs only £5. These tickets offer the best stage view.

Stay outside the city centre

Moreover, you can stay outside London to get your accommodations at a low price. You can stay in Birmingham, or Nottingham.

Birmingham is well connected through road and rail with London. The city has a low cost of living with ample entertainment and food options.

Nottingham has different tourism sectors which offer modern amenities for the tourists.


This is how you can plan a tour in London on a Budget: Making the Most of Your Currency Exchange. First, you should change your currency from a trustworthy currency exchange bureau like Sterling FX. Then enjoy your tour in London. When leaving the city if you want to get rid of currency you can get the best high street currency buy back rates with us too!

Hopefully, this blog will help you to find the best places, eating, and travelling options within the city.

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